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          API Plug Valve

          Product details

          American standard plug valve features
          (1) The movement between the sealing surface of the cock valve has a wiping effect. When fully opened, it can completely prevent the contact between the sealing surface and the medium, so it can be used for the medium with suspended particles.
          (2) The plug valve cylindrical shutoff can be opened and closed by rotating 900, so the valve is very suitable for rapid opening and closing.
          (3) The plug valve structure is simple and easy to repair and clean, such as the tight round dimensional plug valve, screw off the locking nut, remove the gasket valve plug can be removed from the valve body, clean and repair.

          Product model: X343F
          Nominal size: NPS1/2" ~ 10"
          Pressure range: Class150~2500Lb
          Operating temperature: -29 ~ 340℃
          Main material: cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel
          Design and Manufacture: API600
          Length of structure: ANSIB16.10
          Flange size: ANS1B16.5
          Butt welding connection size: ANS1B16.25
          Pressure-temperature: ANS1B16.34
          Testing-inspection: AP1598