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          Pneumatic 3-piece Female Thread Ball Valve

          Product details

          Pneumatic 3-piece female thread ball valve is composed of three pieces of ball valve and pneumatic actuator connected, using a three-stage structure, composed of about two valve bodies and the middle valve body, and then bolted into a body, with the advantages of simple installation and convenient maintenance.Pneumatic three-piece ball valve can be divided into double action and single action according to the action form, the single action form has the spring reset function, in the event of failure or no air source, automatically return to the open or closed state.Pneumatic three-piece ball valve through compressed air as a power source, drive the valve core to do 0-90 degrees back and forth rotation, you can achieve the switch action of the valve, has been widely used in various industries, is a common control valve.

          Product model: Q611F/H
          Nominal diameter: DN10~100mm
          Material of valve body: 304, 316, 316L
          Connection: Internal thread
          Pressure class: PN1.6-PN6.3MPa
          Structure: Floating ball core
          Seat seal: PTFE: -20℃ ~ 180℃ PPL: -20℃ ~ 250℃
          Spool material: 304, 316, 316L
          Valve stem material: 304
          Suitable medium: water, liquid, gas, oil, acid and alkali corrosive medium