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        1. Your location is: ProductsDirect acting valveDirect Acting Pressure Reducing Valve

          Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve

          Product details

          Direct acting pressure reducing valve pressure balance design and working principle of the piston, using direct linkages of the valve outlet pressure, when pressure is lower than or higher than the set pressure, the valve started action, by way of pressure drop, decided to valve opening, overcome the diaphragm life is short, don't pressure and piston with impurity wear thousands of defects such as leakage phenomenon, will not affect by a lateral pressure is not stable outlet pressure, secondary side pressure direct response to the control pressure, adjust the setting pressure, responsive, regulating precision.The valve is suitable for water, gas, acid, alkaline or oil media.

          (1)Outlet pressure regulation range: 1kgf/cm2—6kgf/cm2



          (2)Service temperature: 0℃—80℃

          (3)Pressure gauge shows outlet pressure

          (4)Nominal pressure PN1.0Mpa—1.6Mpa,Specifications DN15-DN150。

          (5)REF type uses flange connection and RET type uses threaded connection.

          Special media, higher service pressure or temperature can be customized.