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        1. Your location is: ProductsForged steel valveForged Female Threaded, SW Gate Valve

          Forged Female Threaded, SW Gate Valve

          Product details

          There are three types of bonnet design: Bolted Bonnet(BB),Welded Bonnet(WB) and Pressure-sealed Bonnet(PSB) 

          Product model: Z11Y.Z61Y
          Nominal size: NPS3/8"~2"
          Nominal pressure: Class150-800lb
          Applicable medium: water, steam, oil, etc
          Applicable temperature: -29℃ ~ 550℃
          Main materials: A105, A182F22, A182 F304 (L), A182 F316 (L)
          Standard: API 602, BS5352, ANSI B16.34
          Testing and acceptance: API 598
          Identification standard: MSS SP-25